Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture as a promising intervention in patients with chronic anxiety

This study Concludes that “Acupuncture is a promising intervention for patients with chronic anxiety that has proven resistant to other forms of treatment”. I’m hoping it will be considered a go to treatment. If it helps when nothing else does, why not try it first or along with other treatments? Randomised controlled trial on the […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Refer for Acupuncture during the Post-Partum period

Top 10 Reasons to Refer for Acupuncture during the Post-Partum period: 1. Nursing challenges: lack of milk, let-down difficulties, mastitis Colicky/fussy baby 2. Anemia and or tiredness, lack of energy. 3. Urinary incontinence/stress incontinence/dribbling urine 4. Lingering pain in the perineum, pelvic floor, hip or site of surgery Post-partum hypertension 5. PPD: Post-partum depression/anxiety/mood disorders […]

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Acupuncture as Effective as Drugs in Treating Pain

This is a great new report on a recent study demonstrating the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating pain compared to the use of other pain prescription drugs. Take a look!

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