Patient Forms & Downloads

Before your visit

Please browse the following categories for patient forms and other downloadable information such as pamphlets, brochures, and other hand outs. Click the link to view and print or even download each .PDF file.

Acupuncture Forms for New Patients

Chiropractic Forms for New Patients

Resources and Articles 

Using Heat Therapy and Moxa to Heal

Post-Partum: The Bridge to Recovery

Has Amy suggested you do a castor oil pack for the pain of adhesions or menstrual cramps? Download instructions here!

Image of Baby in the Vertex Position (below) – Please download and print. Put a copy on your fridge, in your bedroom and on your bathroom mirror to get used to the idea of seeing your precious one in the head down or vertex position.

Parental Support Resources

How we talk to our precious ones affects their response to us. Please use these resources to work to bring out the best in the precious one that you worked so hard to grow and birth.

Wellness House Acupuncture Clinic Flyer With Border

The Women’s Wellness Community Clinic is currently closed due to COVID-19 and will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.

Women’s Wellness Community Acupuncture Clinic 

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