Judie B.
CNM Midwifery Coordinator, Cooley Dickinson Center for Midwifery Care

“I’ve known Amy for ten years. I am impressed by the measure of wisdom and caring she brings to each client, whether in her capacity as a doula, educator, or her acupuncture/healing work. She is compassionate and insightful, fully integrating the mind-body connection, able to tailor her gifts to each individual client and/or situation. has worked with many of our pregnant moms to assist with stress reduction for blood pressure issues, turning breech babies, and initiating labor safely. She treats the whole woman, not simply the “problem”. Our women feel lovingly cared for in her capable hands.”

Maggie S.

“I am 50 years old and am a 4-time cancer diagnosis survivor. Yet I am constantly surprised at the level of vibrant energy (without exterior stimulants) I am able to maintain. I sleep well, my chronic pains are greatly reduced, I dance several times a week, and my mind is clear…..of course there are many factors that contribute to this — but working with Dan is one very major piece of my self-care maintenance plan. The work I do with him serves as a guidepost or North Star — it keeps me connected and listening to my Body in a way that I now consider necessary.”

Toby M.

“I have been seeing Dan Garfield for chiropractic adjustments for approximately 15 years. I am not someone who would ever think to go to a chiropractor, because their methods always seemed too invasive. But Dan Garfield is a totally different kind of chiropractor. He is extremely gentle, and it is amazing to me how a light touch can produce such powerful results. Dan has helped me with everything from a sprained ankle, to chronic tightness in my upper back, to emotions associated with childhood trauma. His work is truly transformative; his approach is always supportive and respectful of the client’s process; and I feel extremely grateful for the healing Dan has facilitated in my life.”


“I saw Amy to treat pain and spasm from complications of a surgery. I was in constant, chronic pain. My work with her enabled me to function at a higher level and to be in less pain with an increase in flexibility. I am grateful for her skill, thoughtfulness and compassion”


“Shortly after my second child was born, I developed a fairly uncommon autoimmune skin disorder that caused me a lot of discomfort. The only therapy my doctor could prescribe was strong steroids, but I couldn’t use them while I was breastfeeding. The doctor suggested I hang on until I weaned the baby, but I couldn’t live with the symptoms as they were, and there was no way I was going to wean the baby early if I didn’t have to. I had gone to Amy Mager to treat knee pain while I was pregnant, so I decided to go back to her.

My condition started to improve immediately after I started treatments and kept getting better as the months went by, eventually reversing itself. My doctor was very impressed with the results and asked for Amy’s name to recommend to her other patients with this condition. I never did have to take the steroids, which is lucky, since I’m still breastfeeding my baby more than a year later.”


Thank you for helping me through this whole pregnancy. You are a wonderful person and a exceptional acupuncturist. You do amazing work!

Bridie R.

“Amy Mager was a true savior to me during my pregnancy. She was able to give me relief from severe nausea when no other provider, medication or supplement did. Her skill, knowledge and nurturing spirituality helped me through many long months and kept me out of the hospital.”

Tom M.

“I first went to Chiropractor Dan Garfield about fifteen years ago when I suffered a very painful low back injury that made it difficult to walk and, at times, even to get out of bed. Dan’s precise and gentle adjustments brought about immediate relief and made it possible for me to resume my normal life. That experience alone would have been enough for me to continue to see Dan, if for no other reason than to keep me out of pain. But Dan’s work extends far beyond the physical. By aligning the spine and restoring a more unfettered flow within the nervous system, including the brain, Dan’s work results in greater mental clarity, emotional equilibrium, and a more integrated psychological state. After a session with Dan, I feel stronger, more at ease and, at the same time, more fit to take on the challenges of my life. I cannot recommend Dan more highly. If you are looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Dan Garfield is the man to see.”

Jharna M.
River Valley Midwives

“Midwifery means ‘with woman’. My experience with Amy’s work is that my clients are midwifed through the transitions of pregnancy to birth through the tools of acupuncture, herbal medicine and Amy’s skilled coaching and work with body-centered hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth. Amy’s way of being with her patients embodies my belief of what it means to be ‘with woman’.”

Liz F.
Program Director, MotherWoman

“Amy is a true healer. She listens to women, supports their full being and guides them back to themselves all with tenderness, wisdom and compassion. Amy is at the top of my list of who I recommend to pregnant and postpartum mothers in need of physical and emotional healing.”

Joshua S.
Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist, Sun Wellness Holistic Healthcare

“I’m also an acupuncturist, but I needed some guidance regarding treatment for my pregnant wife and our impending delivery. Amy is a wealth of information and her knowledge is rooted in extensive experience. Expert just barely describes her level of skill. If you want to get care where the other acupuncturists go, then see Amy. We now have a beautiful little boy and I credit Amy putting our minds at ease, reminding us to enjoy the process and bring a life into the world smiling. Thanks, Amy!”

RS, now mother of two

“I really wanted a baby. I’d had two miscarriages and wasn’t staying pregnant. In addition to providing acupuncture and herbal medicine, Amy gave me compassionate and emotional support I hadn’t found elsewhere”.

CNM, Certified Nurse Midwife.

“I went to Amy to help get pregnant with my first child. Since then, she has supported me to conceive and get ready to give birth to my children. I am grateful for the work we did together”.

J. B.
Physical Therapist

“I feel fortunate to have found Dan Garfield and to have first experienced Network Spinal Analysis many years ago during a very turbulent time in my life. Through this work I have been assisted in releasing stored patterns and tensions and been able to experience an incredible sense of calm deep awareness. I am truly grateful for Dan and this unique healing system”

Donna k.
Certified Nurse Midwife, CNM, Baystate

“I absolutely recommend this for all my clients.”


“A friend suggested I schedule an appointment with Dan, after I complained about aches and pains. Really, it was horrible pain in my hips that was worsening, so that I dreaded turning over in bed. The only relief was getting out of bed and letting it subside every day. I had tried PT several times in the past, but to no avail (it hurt me). Medical doctors told me to live on Ibuprofen.

I had been to a chiropractor before, so I expected to be “adjusted” at my visit with Dan, cracked as I call it. There is some relief from that. But this was totally different. He treated me, and barely touched me as he worked. I experienced an intense flow of energy, and looked forward to spending time simply enjoying that sensation, and my pain free hips. I was back to loving my bed, but it had been many years since I had felt that way. Dan has an amazing healing sense that I trust implicitly.

I have the belief now that your treatment shouldn’t have to hurt you, that there are other ways out there that can help you to heal yourself. I’m a Reiki Master now, and can treat myself anytime I want. Dan adds a whole other level of healing to my life, and in fact, I feel it has helped lead me in my own spiritual growth, and growth as a practitioner.”