Network Chiropractic with Daniel Garfield, DC

The Wellness House Northampton’s network chiropractor Daniel Garfield, DC cares for patients with a wide range of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, involving the muscles, ligaments and joints. Techniques emphasize using minimal force and gentle pressure. A chiropractic adjustment is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort.

Most neck and upper back pain is caused by a combination of factors, including injury, poor posture, chiropractic subluxations, stress, and in some instances, disc problems. These painful conditions often involve or impact the nervous system, which can cause referred pain and dysfunction distant to the region of injury.

While medications just cover up the symptoms, a chiropractor seeks to find the underlying cause of your pain and then makes adjustments to correct misalignment and help to relieve associated symptoms.

The benefits of chiropractic care extend to general health issues, as well, since our body structure affects our overall function. Doctors of Chiropractic also counsel patients on diet, nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, and occupational and lifestyle modification.

Initial Consultation, Examination and Entrainment

A first visit with Dr. Dan consists of a discussion of an individual’s health history and major health concerns, a spinal and nervous system examination and an entrainment- the hands on, gentle touch adjustment.

Regular Office Visit/Entrainment

An entrainment consists of a series of gentle, sequential contacts in specific spinal locations called “Spinal Gateways.” As these Spinal Gateways are activated they refine the body’s strategy to release and use trapped tension. Each visit is catered to assist your Nervous System to create new strategies to use the tension held in your body as fuel for your own personal healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do?

It is important to try to be as relaxed as possible and allow your chiropractor freedom to make the adjustments. Patients who are tense or who stiffen every time the chiropractor attempts the adjustment makes it hard for the chiropractor to work in the needed area. Your chiropractor will be happy to talk you through any adjustments to ease any anxiety you may have. Remaining relaxed will pay off, as almost all patients find great relief when normal flexibility is returned to the affected vertebrae.

How will I feel after my session?

Most people feel considerably more relaxed and less concerned, and many people find they are able to breathe more fully. Some patients continue to move and stretch in various ways after their appointment to release any tension they may be holding and to help unwind chronic tension patterns. Over several sessions you will begin to feel more open, present, connected and peaceful.

What if I feel sore?

Any adverse effects are typically minor and brief in length. The likelihood of initial soreness or increased pain after a chiropractic adjustment has been found to be similar to that of starting an exercise program. There are several ways you can speed up the healing process after a chiropractic treatment. Self-care plans will help to restore your body to good health and help you experience the results of the treatment more quickly.Chiropractic care enhances the ability for the nervous system to function properly.

Some of the best things you can do to promote healing after an adjustment include:
Use an ice pack on the treated area for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off.

  • Try light stretching exercises.
  • Sleep on a suitable support system.
  • Avoid heavy lifting. Refrain from intense exercise for at least 3 to 5 days.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Drink plenty of water.
  • Wear properly fitting, comfortable shoes.

    When to schedule a follow-up session:

    Patients sometimes make the mistake of allowing themselves to receive treatment once and then fail to follow up with their chiropractor for the recommended treatments afterward. For this reason, patients can still feel pain after their initial adjustment. You should complete the treatment plan that you discuss with your chiropractor for optimal performance.

    Road to Recovery

    Receiving chiropractic treatment can be a responsible way to deal with pain and prevent it from reoccurring. You should do your best to follow up on treatments for the prescribed amount of time. It can take time for the results to become noticeable, but with continued treatment you will notice that your pain can be eased.