Network Chiropractic

Dr. Dan practices chiropractic at offices in Springfield, MA and also at Wellness House Northampton. Please see the contact page for more information on hours and availability.



If your health care insurance coverage covers chiropractic, Dr. Dan can bill to get you reimbursed at an out-of-network rate. Dr. Dan is not a member of any HMO or PPO.


Initial Consultation, Examination and Entrainment

A first visit with Dr. Dan consists of a discussion of an individual’s health history and major health concerns, a spinal and nervous system examination and an entrainment- the hands on, gentle touch adjustment.


Regular Office Visit/Entrainment

An entrainment consists of a series of gentle, sequential contacts in specific spinal locations called “Spinal Gateways.” As these Spinal Gateways are activated they refine the body’s strategy to release and use trapped tension. Each visit is catered to assist your Nervous System to create new strategies to use the tension held in your body as fuel for your own personal healing.


Rates & Acceptable Payment

Dr. Dan offers several package deals to make the cost of your care more affordable.

Please see the rates table below to review costs for initial visits, single sessions, multiple visit packages and Dr. Dan’s special discounted rates for youth ages 12 and under who are in need of chiropractic care.

For treatments held at Wellness House Northampton, Dan can take cash, check, credit cards & flex spending cards. Dr. Dan can accept cash or check

Standard Rates

  • Initial Visit-$115
  • Office Visit- $55
  • Monthly Fee- $210

Multiple Visit Packages

  • 3 entrainments-$150 ($50/visit)
  • 5 entrainments-$230 ($46/visit)
  • 10 entrainments-$405 ($40.50/visit)

Packages do not expire.

Children 12 and Under

  • Initial Visit- $60
  • Regular Visit- $35
  • Reevaluation-$65 (more than four months since last visit)

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine


Rates & Acceptable Payment

For chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments held at Wellness House Northampton, Amy can take cash, check, credit cards & flex spending cards. Her initial visit fee is $95.00 out of pocket & $75.00 thereafter.



Some insurance companies have discount programs and some will cover your care. Please call your insurance company to clarify what they cover.

Amy can bill for motor vehicle accident care.


Weekly Women’s Wellness Acupuncture Clinic at Wellness House Northampton

Any also runs a weekly women’s wellness acupuncture community style clinic at the Wellness House Northampton, located downtown at 27 Brewster Court 1L, Northampton, MA 01060.

Clinics are held weekly on Tuesdays from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Treatments are in a group setting and always $35 – $25, sliding scale. For clinic settings, Amy can accept payment by checks and cash only.

Amy asks that you please call or text ahead (413) 222-8616 to make an appointment so that she can confirm attendance.

Acupuncture clinics are open to women of all ages with any symptom.