Foods that support you in Cancer recovery through and after treatment.

Mar 21, 2016 | Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Health & Wellness, Let Food Be Thy Medicine

When you are going through Cancer treatments, you can use food to support you to feel as well as possible when you know how.

To help with chemothaerapy related nausea:  Indonesian ginger chews, fresh ginger tea, peeled, chopped and simmered for 10 mins. with a little honey added at the end, or Yummy Earth ginger candy warm the stomach, decrease nausea and will stimulate your appetite.
To get the most from your nutritional buck: chicken soup nourishes the center/stomach, and will provide you with building blocks to heal in an easily digestible form.  In Chinese Medicine, we are looking not only at the nutritional quality of the food, but the nature of the food, we want warming, and the digestability of the food.  That said,while in and recovering from cancer treatment, white rice is your friend. Wait a minute, everyone says I need to eat brown rice for the fiber?  Under different circumstances, yes.  When your digestion is weak, we want white rice which is easier to digest. Bone broth is also your friend, marrow bone soup.  To nourish your Qi/Life force/Vital energy and blood (from a Chinese Medicine diagnostic perspective.)
Surprise food to help you heal? Jello! Jellow nourishes your Jing/Essence. We are born with all the Jing/Essence we will ever have.  Women lose it when we menstruate when we give birth.  Men lose Jing/Essence when they ejaculate. Just as our body does not make amino acids, the building blocks of protein, our body does not make Jing/Essence.  We take it in through bone broth and jello.  You can use rehular jello, unflavored jello with juice, you can make a Kanten with agar agar.  The most important thing is that you find a way to get it in that you are willing to act on. Supplement wise that is Omega 3 fatty acids either as fish oil or flax seeds/flax seed oil.

If you are experiencing dryness in your nose or throat, steamed pears or room temperature pear juice and water.  This can be helpful during and pist radiation treatment.

Wishing you a complete healing.