Tomorrow at the CDH Center for Midwifery Care

Mar 25, 2015 | Health & Wellness

Free class tomorrow evening for those families moving towards birth:

It’s Not Just Another Day: Prepare Yourself for Labor & Postpartum

with Amy Mager, MS, LicAc

This Wednesday, March 25th


Free and Open to All

Please RSVP to Amy: 413.222.8616 or

The scene is set: You are pregnant and awaiting the birth of your precious one. You ate well and took a variety of classes, including childbirth and breastfeeding. You wish there was something active you could do beyond simply waiting. Suddenly, you hear about the art of softening and ripening your cervix, a skill which immediately piques your interest!

Join us as we learn skills and tips to soften and ripen your cervix, as well as general information to support you through the birthing and postpartum experiences. We will explore different styles of giving birth through the lens of Chinese medicine, including a focus on the thirty day postpartum period, during which special care of the mother is emphasized. Learn what you can do from creating a supportive, healing environment pre-birth to facilitating the family’s bonding postpartum and everything in between!

Amy is a birth educator trained through Informed Birth and Parenting. She studied as a birth assistant with Karen Parker, CNM. Amy apprenticed with midwife and acupuncturist Dr. Raven Lang for two years, while completing her MS in Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most recently, she trained with Claudia Citkovitz, MS, LAc, director of Acupuncture Services at Lutheran Medical Center on the floor for labor and delivery.