The importance of dry brush massage.

Nov 24, 2014 | Health & Wellness

Dry brush massage does many things, takes little effort and will help press your reset button for your day.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body to detoxify. We wash our bodies but we also need to exfoliate them, like we do our face. To slough off dead skin cells and generate health with a simple step before we get in the shower in the morning.

Skin protects us from infection and keeping our skin vital supports our Wei Qi, (fierce protective life force that extends outside the body), to be strong. Dry brushing stimulates our lymphatic system which aids detoxification. Dry brushing exfoliates our skin which makes it softer and unclogs pores.

I first learned about dry brushing from Dr. Paavo Airola who stressed its function to increase digestion and support our organ systems. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, dry brushing stimulates our meridians (energetic system that connects directly to our organs) and thus revitalizes our whole system. The best part? IT FEELS GOOD.

Some people like to use a brush. I like to use the full body exfoliating cloths because it lets you really bend the thing and reach all parts of your body. I recommend you do it right before you jump in the shower or get dressed and make it part of your routine. It’s a few minutes and will invigorate you. Start at the soles of your feet and work your way up your body – you can choose to use a brush or cloth or exfoliating wash on your face.

When you’re done, give dry parts of your skin some love with coconut oil or moisturizer. Do this for 7 days and let me know how you feel.