Start your morning with some Kidney warming

Nov 15, 2015 | Health & Wellness

It’s getting colder, how can you take care of yourself at home to stay healthy and strong?Start your day with something warm: Oatmeal or quinoa with cinnamon to support your center.

Miso, chicken soup or bone broth – not just for when you aren’t feeling well, to support you to stay well.

You can use your hair dryer to help you stay warm and healthy even if you don’t use it on your hair. Huh? You can use your hair dryer instead of a moxa stick to warm your life gate fire, your low back and your four fingers below your belly button (as long as you are not pregnant you can warm your belly). The heat will feel good, warm you up and support your energetic kidneys. Also: the bottoms of your feet: sit on a stool or on a closed toilet and arch your foot. Hit the bottom of your foot with the heat of the hair dryer until it gets nice and warm – warming your feet and supporting your kidney energy.  
You can also warm the outside of your leg – a handbreadth below the outside of your knee, as well as the inside of your ankles.  Cotton is useless when wet.  Wearing cotton socks in winter, when we go from a cold outside to a warm inside and walk around, causes our feet to sweat.  When we sweat, then our feet get cold. Wearing wool socks keeps your feet warm, your ankles warm and will help you stay centered.  An easy way to stay warm and healthy in wintre.

Try this when you get out of the whower for three days and see if you don’t feel stronger, warmer and more centered.