Old Wives Tales that are valuable today

Nov 3, 2014 | Health & Wellness

Old Wives Tales that are valuable today:

1. Keep your head warm. We lose 15% of our heat through our heads. When it’s colder, when we keep our homes at lower temperatures, keeping our heads warm makes as difference.

2. Keep your feet warm. Remember: cotton is useless when wet. Consider shopping locally for wool socks as wool stays warm even when wet. If you can’t wear wool, consider a blend with silk or polypropylene.

3. If you, your children or loved one comes in from the rain, take off any wet clothes immediately – check your socks too. Take a warm shower and soak your feet in hot water. Then have a warm cup of ginger or cinnamon tea to circulate that warmth and dispel the wet and cold. Remember: President William Henry Harrison gave a long inaugural address in the rain, sat down to a meal so as not to disappoint his guests and died of pneumonia shortly after.

4. Cod liver oil is your friend. There is a reason our parents and grandparents have a memory of someone standing by the door with the spoon to swallow before they were able to leave the house. Omega 3 fatty acids support our brain and nerve system. You can get free samples a Whole foods from chewable ones, to liquids to those that are swallowed.

5. Explore, learn and grow. Apply what you learn to be your best and stay healthy and strong. Invest in your healthcare future. We need to model the behavior we would like to see.

6. Never underestimate the power of bone broth and chicken soup to warm and nourish our bodies. Chicken soup and bone broth support our center and our digestion. If you are having any digestive challenges, use white rice rather than brown as it’s easier to digest.