Making a Mama – Fill your Tank

Dec 15, 2014 | Health & Wellness

Trust Your Mama-O-Meter (AEM)

Making a Mama- Fill your Tank

When making a person, or mothering a person, fill your tank.

No car runs on empty, and most run best when we haven’t hit the bottom of the tank.

What do you do for yourself EVERY day so that when you are GIVING 100% (we can’t give more than 100%, don’t get me started), you also have RESERVES left for you?

No car runs on empty, yet many of us give until we have noting left or in the negative of our personal resources.

I make sure to exercise EVERY day – no matter what. Some days it’s cardio, some days it’s resistance training. Some days it’s 18 minutes, the minimum of what we need and most it’s 30-45. That’s what I need.

What do you need? I dry brush massage every day – why? It exfoliates my skin (see previous post on file), awakens my Qi/life force and wakes me up. That works for me. What works for you?

I DO take epsom salt baths to renew and rejuvenate. What do you do?

Please make a list for YOU of your top 3 things that you do for you and post here. Let’s support each other to stay strong, and keep reserves in the tank.