Induction isn’t all about the contractions.

Feb 11, 2015 | Childbirth Practices to Support You, Health & Wellness, Pregnancy

Induction isn’t all about the contractions? What do you mean?

The cervix starts out posterior, back, high and tight. The cervix needs to some forward, soften and ripen to support our contractions to be effective and help the cervix open. Nutshell mantra to support this? Softening, ripening, opening.

When we support the cervix to soften, then, when contractions come, each contraction will be effective. I personally experienced what happens when the uterus is working hard, contracting effectively and the cervix is not soft. What happens? Think gnomes from fairy tales. My eldest was born with a huge caput and looked like he was wearing a stocking cap. I knew there had to be a way to prevent this and have the intense contractions I was having BE effective.

I began my quest to find out what I could do to support women to have labors in which the active portion was shorter and more effective. When women come in at 36 weeks to soften and ripen their cervix, then their cervix softens. When the cervix is soft, when you go into active labor, you go. I have seen over and over in my practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine that when women work to soften and ripen their cervix then when contractions happen, then they are effective. I have found this to be true with my five subsequent births.

My goal is to support all women, wherever they birth to have a soft cervix ready to open when their baby moves down and applies effective pressure to it. This is what contractions are doing, moving your baby down, and down onto your cervix, applying effective pressure to open your cervix and birth your baby. We don’t just throw seeds in the soil when we plant a garden, we till and compost the soil. We prepare to get pregnant by changing our eating habits. We can put the same energy into preparation for birth. The energy that gets the baby in, is the energy that gets the baby out. And literally, the substance that gets the baby in, semen, is the substance, loaded with natural prostaglandins, that helps the cervix soften and ripen and prepare for birth.