How chronic pain affects your brain

May 22, 2014 | Health & Wellness

How chronic pain affects our brain and our perceptions:
When we are in pain, it affects all of our perceptions and our nerve system. Being in pain can make everything feel difficult and can make many physical acts challenging, slow and make us want to avoid doing them. This is especially difficult with symptoms like Sciatica, Anxiety, Depression that do not show up to the outsider looking at you. Conversely, changing our perception can make moving and living in pain easier to be with. Every thought we have, every emotion we experience, has a direct, measurable biochemical reaction in our brains. Acupuncture treatment will help with this.

When we are happy, our white blood cells test differently than when we are sad, or hurt or angry. We cannot control what happens to us, we cannot control what other people do or how they respond to us. We CAN control our thoughts and that I encourage all of us to do.

There is no magic bullet for chronic pain. What there is, is looking at multiple small things that affect change for you. What is ONE small thing you can do today to change how you perceive your pain/struggles/challenges. Is is taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth before you get out of bed? And before each challenge within your day? At the Wellness House, we are committed to supporting you on your journey with the tools of acupuncture, gentle touch network chiropractic, and massage to support you.