Empowering yourself as you prepare to give birth

Jul 14, 2015 | Health & Wellness

Empowering things you can do to prepare for your impending birth.1. Watch Funny Movies! Laughing opens and heals. This relaxes your jaw & your mouth which relaxes your pelvic muscles & the mouth of the cervix. Watch movies so funny they make you pee – relaxing is the goal and fun is a good thing.

2. Enjoy the prospect of breathing softness down and into your cervix. “Softening, ripening, opening” has always been my mantra from 37.5 weeks on. Say it to yourself 3 times. Right before you get up and as you get into bed. Your subconscious is more open to shift then.

3. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose & out through your mouth. Breathing in anything you need to nourish and nurture yourself. Breathing out, letting go of one thing you’re holding onto, one thought, one place that’s tight or holding so it can be absorbed and dissolved. Do this twice a day, 10 times. We are most affected as we’re falling asleep and as we are waking up. And, if you’re feeling stressed? Give yourself the gift of 3 breaths – any time.

4. Squat, squat squat. Flat footed squatting opens your pelvis, supports your babe to move down and apply pressure to your cervix. You can lean on a ball or at the foot of your bed. You can also do supported squats with your partner behind you, arms through your armpits. By yourself? Want something less intense? Bounce on a ball, slideback and forth over the ball.

5. Dance party at your house:). Turn on your favorite music and rock those hips! Your baby’s head is the heaviest part of your baby. Hip circles will help move your baby into helpful alignment for birth & apply pressure to your cervix. The most comfortable thing? Not always, AND it will support your cervix to soften, ripen and open. Helping your cervix be soft will help your contractions work effectively. When it’s right for you, dancing intimately with your partner will help. Relaxing an opening are the name of the game and support the process.
6. Talk to your precious one. Engage and involve your baby in the process. Your baby understands everything but highly technical language. Ask your babe to move down and down. Putting pressure on your cervix, asking baby to help you open. This is a helpful thing to do while doing hip circles and squatting.

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