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Energy Work by Grey Wolf Healing

Invite your Own Healing

Years of physical and emotional trauma build layers of defense on top of our true selves. Energy healing gently works to pull away those layers that no longer serve us to let our truest self shine through. This type of work serves those with pain, with digestion and circulation problems, with mood issues such as anxiety and depression, among other ailments. If you are looking for change with your body or your life, Energy Healing may help you.

What To Expect

Energy healing is a broad term. We are all working with each others’ energy when we interact with each other. My sessions are a time for focused attention on your vibrational energy, the ways it is working in your life and the ways it is not flowing in productive ways.  The session usually starts with talking about the issue that brings you in – how it is affecting you in your life – and then moves to the table. You would lie fully clothed and usually face up on the table as I put my hands over you with either no touch or light touch. Most people feel a sensation of warmth as I’m working on them and usually find themselves very relaxed and sometimes even fall into a light sleep. The entire session lasts 50 minutes. The sense of relaxation and ease often continues for several hours after the first session and stays longer and grows deeper through subsequent sessions.

Cost and availability

I am offering an introductory rate of $10 per session for two sessions. After that, sessions are $60 per 50-minute session with a sliding scale.
Sessions are currently available Friday afternoons from 12PM til 5PM with some other times available by appointment.

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